Ho Chi Minh Sarani

You will find us at Ho Chi Minh Sarani. Ho Chi Minh Sarani is a diachronic place or you can call it historical as you will catch quite an ample of glimpse of the World Politics. This place is named after the great reformer and freedom fighter of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam fought a war against America, British and French, the war Hero was Ho Chi Minh. He led the independence movement from 1941 onward, establishing the Communist-ruled Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945 and defeating the French Union in 1954 at the battle of Điện Biên Phủ.

There is one more fact that must draw your attention, that is, you will find American Embassy and even the British Embassy lying adjacent to this place. You will often come across American and British residents here, in the Ho Chi Minh Sarani. So, The fact is we get to see an interaction of the three World powers who once met in the battlefield. And right in the middle of the three attractions you will find Buzz remembering the history by serving Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese food. We are still coupling the World culture and History by food.

Camac Street

Camac Street (renamed Abanindranath Tagore Sarani) is a street running in the central business district of Kolkata, India, from Park Street to AJC Bose Road. The road was named after William Camac, a senior merchant in the days of Lord Cornwallis and Lord Wellesley. In the mid-1970s, the Park Street ‘razzmatazz’ spilled onto Camac Street which is, today, considered to be a high street of Kolkata with many commercial establishments & high end shopping destinations, with lots of shopping malls, boutiques, restaurants and stand alone retail outlets. It intersects with Middleton Street and Shakespeare Sarani, two other important roads in the CBD. Several smaller roads like Middleton Row, Short Street, Victoria Terrace & Albert Road merge into Camac Street from the east or west.

Chowranghee Square

Chowringhee is a neighbourhood in central Kolkata, earlier known as Calcutta, in the Indian state of West Bengal. Jawaharlal Nehru Road (earlier known as Chowringhee Road) runs on its western side. A neighbourhood steeped in history, it is a business district, as well as a shopper’s destination and entertainment-hotel centre

The name ‘Chowringhee’ has defied etymologists. There is, however, the legend of a yogi, Chourangi Giri, who discovered an image of the goddess Kali’s face and built the first and founded the original Kalighat temple.

Tata Centre

Tata Centre is one of the tallest buildings in the CBD and an important landmark in the central part of the city.Designed by Ar. Indranil Sen, it is a commercial building and was built in 1969, making it the first 18-floor building in the city. This sleek designed glass and steel tower has a total height of 79 metres (259 ft). The building has underground car park, central air conditioning, 7 high-speed lifts. It also houses a sub-telephone exchange for BSNL. Tata Centre is the marketing headquarters for Tata Steel Limited. Other than Tata Steel, Metaljunction has their corporate office in this building. Other registration and corporate offices of the Tata group located here are Tata Metaliks, Tata Pigments, TELCON, Tata International, Tata Kubota Pipes, Tata Bluescope Steel, Tata Sponge and Tata Mutual Fund.